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If you were there then, find yourself!

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To populate our Pittsburgh panoramas, we are taking gigapixel images during large events downtown, including 2014 Three Rivers Art Festival, Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta, The Great Race, as well as Steelers and Pirate games.

Point State Park is the central focus for these Pittsburgh GigaPortraits, but they  capture the entire Golden Triangle.

To explore these images, just click on the picture below, or its corresponding link for the full gigapanorama.  All are best best viewed on a large monitor in full-screen mode (click the double arrow in the upper left corner). Use the + and – tools there or your mouse wheel to zoom in or out. Click/drag to pan around the image.  Finally, check the snapshot icon in the lower left corner, where you can register (for free) and create close-ups of people and details you discover.

We hope you enjoy exploring these Pittsburgh GigaPortraits and please spread the word. For more about the project, to find out about licencing the images or to order prints, email high-point-pittsburgh@andrew.cmu.edu.

View Full Gigapanorama

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Pittsburgh Steelers/Tampa Bay – Sept 28, 2014
Pittsburgh Great Race finish, Sept 28, 2014, 10 am
Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta, July 4, 6:00 to 6:30 pm
Sunday, June 15 (7:00 pm)
Saturday, June 7 (6:30 pm)
Friday, June 6 (7:15 pm)
GigaPortrait Canvas (May 3)


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  2. OWEN CANTOR says:

    I’ve just moved to a new residence, and I’m wondering if it is still possible to obtain a large print. thanks!

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