High Points of Pittsburgh

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Previously The Pittsburgh Gigapanorama Project focused on images from the rooftop of the U.S. Steel Tower, but we’re now gathering gigapixel panoramas from other High Points of Pittsburgh perspectives. We’ve shot from the rooftops of the Trimont and 1700 Grandview Avenue, the tallest buildings on Mount Washington. More recently, we’ve taken images from the rooftop deck of River View Ridge Condos on the Hill overlooking the Allegheny River valley.  Thanks to  Jim and Julia Albright, Paul Heckbert, Rick Palmer, and all else who’ve helped the project proceed.   –  David Bear

Catoma Street

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Here’s a Fineview gigapanorama from a Pittsburgh High Point, taken recently by Paul Heckbert. Shot from high on the North Side, it captures the majestic sweep from the Overlook above the West End Bridge on the Ohio to the new Cliffside Park on the Hill, with a good meander up the Mon as well. We especially like the game of catch in the lower left corner, with the ball suspended in mid-air.  As always, if you find a close-up of particular interest in this gigapan, just take a snap shot.

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Below is a gallery of other gigapixel panoramas created during this effort. All of the images are packed with Pittsburgh places and and people. Several offer full 360-degree views.

The panoramas are best viewed in full screen. Use your mouse or screen prompts to zoom in and out and move through the image. On most of the images, you can make snapshots of details you find.  Click on the snapshot icon in the lower left corner of the image.  You’ll find close-ups others have taken and directions on how to take your own.  The images can also be viewed in Google Earth, which adds dimension and direction.  Just click on the Google Earth option under the image.

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The following two panoramas capture the same approximate scene. The first one is comprised of 1748 separate images; the second is comprised of 36 images. While they look similar on full view, compare the difference in zoomability.

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Please enjoy your explorations and share these images with others!  You may also enjoy our Pittsburgh GigaPortrait series.

You may also be interested in checking out Megan Dooley’s GigaBurgh paintings of snapshots taken from these images.

Finally, to make a comment, obtain a print, or get usage rights for any of these images, please contact Gigapanorama Project.

Others by James Albright:
Light-up Night 2014
The Point in Fall
Pittsburgh April Day

By Paul Heckbert:
The Three Rivers are Icy
Pittsburgh at Sunset
360 Panorama from Trimont
Downtown and Mt Washington Nov 13
Downtown and Mt Washington
Pittsburgh from Trimont 12th floor
360 Panorama from Trimont
Pittsburgh from 1700 Grandview Ave
360 Panorama from 1700 Grandview Ave

By Richard Palmer:
Balcony view of downtown and surroundings
Pittsburgh from Trimont
Pittsburgh from the Trimont

Videos by David Bear during these shoots:

The view from Rescue Street
Panorama of Pittsburgh from Spring Hill Cemetery
A beautiful Buctober night in Pittsburgh
River View Ridge panorama
Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle – Set Shot 2/22/14
Ohio River Valley and Golden Triangle,
Mon Valley and Mt. Washington
The Icy Confluence
Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle

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