A whole new way of looking at things

The stupendous portraits of Pittsburgh displayed in this exhibit are all examples of Gigapans, a photographic system developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University for NASA’s Mars Rover program to facilitate the capturing, processing, and presentation of large composite digital images.

Simply, a digital camera is attached to a robotic mount that is programmed to rotate horizontally and vertically, automatically snapping pictures at preset stops, creating a matrix of photographs that can then be “stitched” by a computer into a single image, which contains the cumulative pixels and can be viewed online.

The individual images on display were captured by the various gigapanners listed, and printed as part of the Pittsburgh Gigapanorama project.  The exhibit New Perspectives of Pittsburgh is believed to be the world’s first exhibit of printed Gigapan images devoted to a single subject.  In addition to the printed images on display, each of the Gigapans can be accessed and explored on the touch screens at the two electronic kiosks.

Here are links to PDFs of a Gigapan Systems display poster: Side One –  Side Two

For more information about Gigapans, visit Gigapan or Gigapan Systerms.